We are a close range aerial filming team based in Belgium. We specialise in aerial filming of events, (extreme)sports and motorsport activities with professional drones. View our recent work and feel free to get in touch.


This is what we do

And we simply love it

Aerial event footage

We have over 5 years of experience in event marketing and we love to shoot aerial footage at any event, from a wedding to a huge festival. Whether you're looking for aftermovie material or you want realtime HD streaming, we're up for the job!


Aerial (extreme) sports footage

We love extreme sports, from skiing and snowboarding to mountain biking and surfing. And we have all the equipment to shoot the perfect sports footage. Besides our drones, we also have several GoPro's and accessories to shoot additional shots to complete the action footage.


Aerial motorsport footage

Do you want your high speed action caught on tape? We are capable of shooting close range aerial footage of any motorsport action. The perfect way to remember your adrenaline time on the race track. Smooth aerial footage can be maintained with a drone speed of up to 70km/h (44mph).



This is what we've made recently

Created with drones & passion


We love technology

And this is the gear we use

For every close range aerial filming mission, we use professional drones, both quadcopter and hexacopter, equipped with GPS position and altitude hold systems for smoother filming. We use both GoPro Hero 4 camera's and the lightweight Sony NEX-5R to film in 1080p full HD resolution up to 120fps (slow-motion) and 4K Ultra HD resolution up to 30fps. All of our multicopters are also equipped with a gimbal for perfect image stabilisation. We always fly within a safe and visible range and we keep our gear on the ground when it's raining or if wind conditions are too strong.


Aerial photography & filming

at an affordable price



  • aerial photography or filming
  • 1 hour on site
  • 10 photos or 30 seconds video
  • € 100 / extra hour
  • photo editing included

1/2 DAY


  • aerial photography & filming
  • 1/2 day on site
  • 10 - 20 photos
  • 2 min video compilation
  • video editing included



  • aerial photography & filming
  • 1 day on site
  • 25 - 50 photos
  • 5 min video compilation
  • video editing included

Excl. VAT, travel expenses, food expenses and accommodation if needed. Contact us for custom missions.

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